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Business and Entrepreneurship

About Advanced skills you need to thrive as an entrepreneur

This Masterclass is for you if you want to…


✔ Current or aspiring entrepreneurs 

✔ Those who want to become successful CEO's and founders

✔ Those who want to build a strong foundation for their business

✔ Those who want to streamline their business and optimise their processes

✔ Those who want to build long lasting successful businesses and become leaders in their field 

Advanced skills you need to thrive as an entrepreneur
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Modules (Chapters)

Module 1: No One Cares as Much as You Do.
Module 2: The Brutal Truth
Module 3: Avoid These Deadly Sins
Module 4: Like It or Not, You Need to be CEO
Module 5: You are Always on Stage
Module 6: Elements of a Fundraising Strategy
Module 7: Things That Hurt Your Chances
Module 8: Know Where You Need Help
Module 9: Rules to Live By
Module 10: You Need a Release

Module 11: Assessing Your Financing Needs
Module 12: Writing Your Business Plan
Module 13: Determining The Viability of Your Idea
Module 14: Mission, Vision and Values
Module 15: What is a Financial Plan
Module 16: Creating a Repeatable Sales Process
Module 17: What is Selling?
Module 18: Doing Everything Yourself Isn’t Dedication, It’s Bad Leadership

Know More About Michael Dermer

Michael Dermer is an entrepreneur authority, lawyer, speaker, coach and author of The Lonely Entrepreneur which was born from Michael's harrowing experience of living through the 'perfect storm.' - watching the company he built from scratch too over 500 people nearly get destroyed overnight in the 2008 financial crisis. Not only did they survive, they sold the company and today are considered the pioneer of the health rewards industry. 

No one knows more about the journey from struggle to success than Michael. Today, Michael leads The Lonely Entrepreneur and its mission to help entrepreneurs turn their passion into success.

Michael's insights into what it really feels like to be an entrepreneur were spot on and I walked away with a great new sense of direction and mindset for my career

Dave Polykoff - CEO & Co-Founder at Zenpost