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About Creating the perfect presentation deck


1. To create a presentation that influences, inspires, excites and converts, in any situation

2. How to teach, sell, inspire or pitch like a professional

3. How to make the most out of your presentation by following 7 simple steps

4. How to connect with any audience in any situation

5. How to deliver your message with ease and efficiency

6. How to clarify your message, supercharge your sales and move your audience into action



Creating the perfect presentation deck
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Modules (Chapters)

Module 1: The purpose of a presentation 

Module 2: Less is more

Module 3: Clarity is king

Module 4: Be contrasting not chafing 

Module 5: Make it personal

Module 6: Think ecological

Module 7: Direct and Control Focus

Module 8: Candy is so last season

Module 9: Deliver appropriately

Module 10: Do, show, tell then write

Know More About Christoffer Weiss

Christoffer followed his childhood dream to become a professional actor. Upon graduation from the Theatre Academy in Finland and complementary studies in Hollywood, he realised there is more to life than acting & started going to personal development events and fell in love with the industry.

Christoffer began producing events himself, focusing on the audiovisual aspects of the show, and through that work has been able to work with and learn from some topspeakers including Les Brown, John Gray, David Wolfe, T Harv Eker, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, Brendon Burchard, Randy Zuckerberg, Joseph McClendon III and Kane & Alessia Minkus. His passion and natural talent for breaking down the art of presenting into easy to follow steps, has made him a sought after performance coach for speakers, actors, stand up comedians, athletes, sales people, CEOs and more.



I've been doing this for 51 years. I never thought I would be so captivated by someone who is intuitive, who listens, who pays attention, whose goal is to compliment what you do, and take it to the next level. "The SoundMan" Christoffer Weiss, is the best I have ever experienced. He owns this space, I love him. Oh my goodness, he is awesome.

Les Brown