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Mind, Body and Soul

About Finding Your True North


1. In this course you will begin to understand how you formed your psyche and what causes you to do the things you do.

2. The key to unlocking and understanding who you really are.

3. Discover your deepest false perceptions and see where and how those perceptions were first conceived.

4. Understand how you unconsciously sabotage your own success.

5. What stands between you and your Authentic-Self.

6. What are the limiting mental constructs you developed in your early years as a child.

7. Discover how to let go of these limiting constructs and open yourself to more joy, love and real success.



Finding Your True North
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Modules (Chapters)

Module 1: Creating False Perceptions

Module 2: Choosing Contentment

Module 3: Meeting Your Emotional 

Module 4: Forming Limiting beliefs

Module 5: Becoming Conscious

Module 6: Awareness Leads to Love


Know More About Allan Kleynhans

Allan Kleynhans is a walking lexicon of human potential, having studied psychology, philosophy, the behavioural sciences and consciousness for 32 years. His vast knowledge and expertise in the subjects of human behaviour and spiritual psychology have helped thousands to make significant personal and spiritual breakthroughs, transcending the limiting mental constructs of their human psyche to create lives of true fulfilment and authentic self-expression.

Allan is the founder of 'The Awakened Soul', a workshop that allows participants to deeply explore the principles of spiritual psychology, thereby helping them to understand their true spiritual nature and find their true purpose here on earth.

He is a master facilitator and has been teaching and facilitating workshops for 20 years. He is also a master coach and in high demand globally as a keynote-speaker. His clients include major banks, large retail brands, the military and police. He has coached Springbok rugby players, CEO’s and celebrities. He suffered with post-traumatic stress after serving in one of the bloodiest wars in Africa, the civil war in Angola. As a result, he battled with substance abuse, addiction and severe depression for 15 years before he dramatically turned his life around to become one the most prolific speakers and coaches in the industry. 

Allan’s gifts when dealing with people are immense; this is underwritten by his infectious enthusiasm and energy. He enabled our team to develop the confidence to produce more from their infrastructure and themselves. I heartily recommend Allan as a major asset in your individual or corporate development

Nick Thwaites CEO, Braxtel Communications