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About Recode Your Thoughts

The worst kind of prison is when you don’t see the bars.

There are moments in life when something happens. We make up a story about the why and the what. We start to live as if our story were true. Because we believe they’re keeping us safe. The truth is, these stories are stopping you from getting the big results you’re looking for.

Deep down we know we are here to shine and play big. But the stories we tell ourselves mean we hold back through fear. We play it safe. 

We end up living only half a life. This is where stress and limiting beliefs and unprocessed emotions come in, as we feel pulled back from the edge of our calling.

Often we blame external events and other people for our fear of playing big. When we change our stories to create a new truth about who we really are, then we start to feel happy and fulfilled.

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I discovered another level inside of me that revealed the was the source of my limiting beliefs, of which I had many.

Join me where I will teach you a technique that you can use to overcome or get rid of any limiting belief, unprocessed emotions, a physical illness.  I’ve seen numerous miracles, where people would heal right there and then in front of me from all sorts of conditions.

I want to invite you to Recode your thoughts, and double-underscore, your greatness!


• Thinking it’s not possible to get what we want

• The “I don’t know what I want” story

• Thinking we need to get what we want in order to be happy

• Thinking we don’t deserve what we want

• Do you have unprocessed emotions and limiting beliefs that are constantly running thru your thoughts?

• Feeling frustrated and stuck in your business and life in general?

• Struggling to achieve results with your health?

• Do you find yourself second-guessing your decisions?



• Understand the source of most of your Limiting Beliefs, negativity, and physical conditions that are holding your business from growing.

• Learn a technique that will eliminate all of your Limiting Beliefs, self-doubt, unprocessed emotions, and even your physical conditions.

• Learn how to eliminate any self-doubt, anxiety and question my self-worth

• Learn how to get a better understanding of the most important person in your life, YOU!

• Eliminate the negative chatter in between your ears that’s keeping you from what you truly want.

• Techniques on how to deal with uncontrollable anger for good.


Recode Your Thoughts
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Know More About Dhiren Harchandani

Hello, I am Dhiren!

I help people attain transformational change and crushing road-blocks that get in the way when they’re trying to grow their business, career, and life.

My street cred spans 20+ years of experience working in the tech industry and I began my career in consulting in Silicon Valley.

As an entrepreneur, I have founded, managed, and exited multiple ventures.

My journey as a Transformation Architect has been deeply inspiring, I have no doubt it’s the best job in the world!

I have coached entrepreneurs whose businesses represent a combined revenue of $500 million.

Many of whom have doubled their profitability while doubling their daily productivity in under six months.

I have coached entrepreneurs who have scaled their revenue from low six figures to well above $50 million.

While overcoming years of questioning their self-doubt and self-worth that have paved the way for them to accomplish awesome results from completing their first marathon and scaling the peak of their first mountain.

I have coached career professionals with the confidence to interview for their dream jobs while negotiating salary packages and bonuses that were 60% higher than their peers.

These moments continue to fund my inspiration as a coach!

I’m told that I’m highly energetic and dynamic, I’m also an avid vegan endurance athlete; the intersection point of veganism and athletic performance fascinates me.

One of my many passions is consistently pushing the boundaries out of my comfort zone!

On the academic front, I attained my B.S. from The University of the Pacific and in 2014 attended OPM at Harvard Business School where I am an alumni. I am an active angel investor in technology businesses.

I’m an active mentor to startup founders worldwide. I am also a resident mentor to Entrepreneurship students studying at a prestigious university in Dubai which is where I currently live with my A-team, my wife, Jasmine, my two sons, Arhan and Mikhayl, and our dog, Zen.

I have had the pleasure of working with Dhiren for almost 10 years in several environments - from our days at Taos and now pursuing new opportunities with him at Latitude. He is a true professional that has gained tremendous knowledge and experience that he contributes to each and every new relationship and sales opportunity. I am very lucky to have worked with him over the years and I would recommend him as a creative thinker, an expert in his field and a joy to work with.

Mary Wilson, Global Alliances, Power & Utilities at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

I've had the pleasure to get to know Dhiren through the EO Accelerator program, first as a coach and now as the President of the local chapter. As a coach, Dhiren has been invaluable in helping me to scale my business and work through the many challenges that come with growing. He has a unique ability to guide you through thoughtful questions and a rigorous accountability framework.

Marie-Christine Luijckx, CFA, An entrepreneur with a fresh perspective

Thank you for the wonderful session and it was a great peer to peer learning for all of us at Raipur. As an EO member, it is very encouraging to see how you transformed your life with so much positivity and determination. You have motivated all with your personal life story. Your view on being an essentialist human being and entrepreneur was very insightful. Keep Inspiring!!!

Prashant Dhariwal, CEO - Vamaa Dairy