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Mind, Body and Soul

About Recreate Yourself

Who is it for:

People of all ages.

  • Are you an individual and  want to go beyond your limits and want to achieve your goals? This course is tailor made for you.
  • If you don’t want to end being a instrument for other fulfilling ambitions and dreams
  • If you are Feeling Incomplete, dis-satisfied and guilty for not listening to your calling.
  • If you are losing heavily on your true happiness.

What You will learn?:

In this course you will learn about three different modules which will take you to the deep understanding of how we can create our own life with our own decisions and choices we make.

  • you will learn about how to get more clarity in life and see beyond what  is visible to you because life is all about energy.
  • you will learn about secret Gate recreation and formula  which has helped me achieve whatever I am able to achieve today and reach this place.
  • you will learn about the power of feelings. Are you a really positive thinker or are you able to have positive feelings in your life? you will learn about how to achieve positive feelings in your life.I will teach you one secret method which will make you  feel connected with your true purpose and vision even when you are not feeling good and fulfilled.
  • You will get rid of roadblocks on the way to your success because there are too many blind spots stopping you. I will help you eradicate them completely.
  • I will teach you the methods which will help you create 360 degree transformation in your life, be it financial, be it emotional stability, integrity your habits and many other things. After this course you will be able to find the balance of these factors and be able to create a better human life for yourself.


Recreate Yourself
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Modules (Chapters)



What is energy and understanding the mind?

Non-Physical Vs Physical Reality ( Energy Vs Matter)

Recreate Your Reality.

Why What & How - Purpose Vision & Desire


Secret Gates to Recreation

M.B.S Formula

Positive Feelings Vs Positive Thinking



Habits with your water

Breaking the Ice with Books

Welcoming the New YOU

Reconnect when You Disconnect

The Magical Reminder



Know More About Sara Abaza

Sara is a health and wellness coach with a proven ability to develop and execute training programs that target employees, working to improve performance, capacity, quality, service, and bottom-line results. 

A qualified aerospace engineer and mother of four she soon realised she was destined to help engineer people's lives not aeroplanes!

Sara focuses on helping students increase self-confidence, self-care, emotional eating and health. 

Sara has coached the Ministry of Health in Kuwait and the Hyatt Hospital Kuwait on topics such as stress management and energy healing.

Sara was amazing and full of energy. She proved to be a great help in training our staff here at Royal Hayat Hospital. Her stress management techniques really work and definitely boost the energy and emotions of the workplace

Royal Hayat Hospital