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About Speak for Ultimate Impact and Profit


   1. How to create massive impact as a speaker.                  

   2. How to create long terms results.                                 

   3. The responsibility of being a speaker.                          

   4. The steps to producing a powerful speech.                    

   5. How to connect with your audience.                             

   6. How to have the mindset of a world class speaker.        

   7. How to create a high income from speaking.                 

   8. How to deliver what people will say about you.              

   9. How to become a CEO.

 10. The business of speakin

 12. Life changing tools to become the most confident speaker you can be

 13. How to get connected with who you are as a speaker

 14. How to activate an audience

 15. How to impact and elevate your audience 

 17. How to tell your story in the most powerful way 

Speak for Ultimate Impact and Profit
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Modules (Chapters)

Module 1: The Responsibility of being a speaker 

Module 2: Task and Maintenance

Module 3: Develop your course message

Module 4: 5 Steps to produce powerful speeches

Module 5: Content Elevation 

Module 6: Dip Theory 

Module 7: The Audience Connection Formula


Module 8: How To Feed Your Audience 

Module 9: The SNAAP effect

Module 10: Multiply Your Speaking Gigs

Module 11: Growing Your Database

Module 12: Getting Yourself Booked

Module 13: Mindset of A World Class Speaker

Module 14: The Art Of Story Selling

Know More About Lisa Nichols

Today, Lisa Nichols is a millionaire entrepreneur, a best-selling author, a humanitarian and a motivational speaker. She teaches people to turn their own breakdowns into breakthroughs and  discover their untapped and infinite potential, just like she did. 

From a struggling single mom on public assistance to a millionaire entrepreneur, Lisa’s courage and determination has inspired fans worldwide and helped countless audiences break through, to discover their own gifts and limitless potential. 

Lisa is an incredibly gifted individual in her ability to inspire, motivate and empower people of all ages. It has been my good fortune to work with some of the legends in the speaking industry. As a speaker, Lisa ranks at the top with the best of them. As a facilitator, she is unequaled

Barry Spilchuck