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Online Growth

About Step by step guide to creating an online course



1. How life experience can be extremely valuable for others to learn from 

2. How to structure your courses

3. How to test your idea and build your audience 

4. How to choose your key concepts

5. How to prepare your script and presentations 

6. How to prepare supplementary course material

7. How to record your course and make the videos look professional 

8. How to promote your course and sell to the right audience

9. What are your course must haves



Step by step guide to creating an online course
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Modules (Chapters)

Module 1: Translating traditional material for online courses

Module 2: Validating your course Idea

Module 3: Outlining your course

Module 4: Preparing your main content




Module 5: Preparing supplementary course material

Module 6: Recording and packaging your course

Module 7: Promoting your course

Module 8: Najahi Tribe Platform Checklist


Know More About Saman Hamidi

Saman has been working in the digital education industry for the past decade. From live events to in-person sessions, online learning and webinar, Saman has experience in every aspect, from course creation to technology used for course delivery. After creating multiple successful courses with many entrepreneurs, Saman has created this course to give access to a larger group of entrepreneurs to be able to do the same. This course takes you behind the scenes and shows you how it all happens.



I have always found Saman to be professional, responsive, trustworthy and knowledgeable. Most important to me, he possess excellent communication skills. He keeps me up to date with current technologies and new tips. He understands the needs and budgetary constraints of a small business. Saman provides excellent digital service and is always accessible, regardless of the situation. We have been a happy client of Polarbear for the past few years and plan on staying with them for a very long time!

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