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About Teach for Life Series

•       Learn how to navigate through the politics of education. 

•       We discuss your style of teaching.

•       What are your students really like?

•       How do we deal with the most difficult personalities

•       Parents are your partners even if they don’t think so.


Teach for Life Series
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Modules (Chapters)

Module 1 Developing Your Teaching Style

Module 2 Different Students, Different Strategies

Module 3 Behavior Modification Techniques

Module 4  Classroom Management VS Behavior Management

Module 5 Making Parents your Allies

Module 6 Politics in Education


Know More About Kendria R. Johnson

Ms. Johnson resonates from Dallas, Texas and received a Bachelor’s in Business Management in 2004.  Naively believing this degree would propel her into being a corporate trainer, she went another direction into the field of education in 2005. She received her Master’s in Education and Administration in 2006 and began her career teaching fourth grade Math and Science which seemed to “stick” to her and bring in a brand new focus for her career choice.  Ms. Johnson has a strong passion for girls in STEM careers as she, herself, has been teaching Math and Science for over eighteen years. 

Johnson began public speaking in 2013, Working with teachers in the American Federation of Teachers gave her the boldness to position herself as a teacher trainer and educational consultant.  Within this organization, she was trained to be a Teacher Training Teachers and has held numerous workshops for adults and students.  Recently Kendria has rekindled public speaking hosting events that help teachers manage their classroom and their personal lives as she feels now is the time to give back those 20 years for knowledge to someone else.



I have worked with Kendria for years, and she is an absolutely amazing teacher

Farah J. Abu Dhabi , UAE